徐少嫻 Xu Shaoxian


The head of G.I.L. art & design consultants

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畢業於香港大學文學學士,其後於1989年在英國牛津大學東方學院研究所深造。徐少嫻是香港少數以酒店項目為主的女性室內設計師,現為GIL國際室內設計及藝術顧問公司之董事總經理,GIL于1996年日本東京創立, 其後於1998年移師回香港, 東西方的教育背景的她能把東西方美學中的璀璨珣麗和簡約沈靜,在酒店的多元化空間內得到充份表現和發揮。
她的專業組合包括酒店,國賓館,度假村,水療中心,會所,商業寫字樓,商場,私人住宅及示範單位的規劃和設計。她獲得多個設計大獎及出版社選定刊登,包括: Hinge, Hotels China,Hospitality Architecture+Design,室內公共空間,酒店精品,2010 中國室內設計年鑑 (上),2010 樣板房設計經典,中國最新頂尖樣板房V(下)及時代空間。
Graduated from University of Hong Kong (Bachelor of literature), then further studied at the University of Oxford School of Oriental Institute in 1989 . She is a Hongkong based hotel project female interior designer, who is currently general manager of G.I.L. art & design consultants. GIL was first founded in 1996 in Japan Tokyo,then moved back to Hongkong in 1998. With Eastern and western educational background, she always plays an adequate performance in the diversification of hotels by an unique bright and quiet simple way. Her professional portfolio includes hotel, state guest house, resort, spa, clubs, commercial office buildings, shopping malls, private residential planning and demonstration unit design. She won several design awards and be selected by Press published, including: Hinge, Hotels China, Hospitality Architecture +Design, Interior Public Space, Boutique Hotel, 2010 Chinese Interior Design Yearbook (on), 2010 Classic Model room Design, China's Latest Top Model Room Top House V (down) and Time Space. 

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