Ryu Kosaka 小坂竜


Executive Creative Director of A.N.D(Aoyama Nomura Design)

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小坂竜(Ryu Kosaka),日本乃村工藝社A.N.D(Aoyama Nomura Design)执行创意总监及设计负责人。 其作品包括东京文华东方的主餐厅,东京新丸大厦的环境与空间设计、 日航的樱花休息室(羽田机场)等。其Fei Ultra酒廊(中国广州的W酒店的休息室)荣获全球2014年餐厅&酒吧类设计奖的总冠军,也使得他成为第一位被授予最佳酒吧餐厅及酒吧设计奖项的日本国民。小坂竜对高品质的不断追求,使他在住宅和酒店项目的设计理念享誉全球。
Ryu Kosaka is currently the executive creative director of the Commercial Facilities Division and the head of Aoyama Nomura Design.His work includes the Main Dining Room of the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, the design of the public spaces and environment for the Shin-marunouchi Buidling (Marunouchi, Tokyo), the JAL Sakura Lounge (Haneda International Airport) and the internationally acclaimed W Guangzhou FEI Ultra Lounge in China for which he became the first Japanese national to be awarded Best Bar at the prestigious Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. Ryu Kosaka continues to work on a variety of high-profile projects throughout the world, and is currently leading the global design concept for a prominent apparel brand as well as several residential and hospitality projects.

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