Ian Milne


Senior Design Director of Atkins Hongkong Design Studio

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Ian Milne在歐洲,中東和亞洲及太平洋地區已有25年的建築設計經驗。Ian Milne現擔任阿特金斯香港設計工作室高級設計董事。他相信每個項目應該獨特地反映業主的期望、項目所在地的文化、實際環境、以及建築物的功能要求。
Ian Milne has 25 years’ experience in architectural design in Europe , Middle East and Asia Pacific region. He is currently as senior design director of Atkins Hongkong design studio.He believed that every project should reflect the owners’ unique expectations, project local culture, physical environment, and the function of the building.
Ian Milne領導多個酒店及度假旅遊項目的設計,包括珠海皇冠假日酒店,麗水阿麗拉酒店、胡志明市朗廷酒店及澳門港麗酒店、希爾頓酒店、萊佛士酒店及瑞士酒店。
Ian Milne led a number of hotels and tourism & resort design projects, including Zhuhai Crowne Plaza Hotel, Lishui Alila Ubud Hotel, Hu Zhiming Langham London Hotel and Conrad Hotel Macao, Hilton Hotel Macao, Raffles Hotel Macao and Swissotel Hotel Macao.

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