Miguel Baeza


The design director & partner of HBA

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Miguel Baeza擁有建築設計學士學位,歷史建築修復碩士學位,是公司的總監兼合夥人。Miguel Baeza負責概念設計,成品的選擇和細分,管理施工檔,專案管理,以及設計文件在最終現場安裝的落實。Miguel 的強項之一是與業主、建築師和相關顧問的溝通能力,以確保每個專案的準確度和完整性。他參與了很多全球知名項目,包括標誌性的酒店度假村,高端商務酒店,豪華俱樂部等等。Miguel 的另一個強項是全權地負責整個專案的開展。

Miguel Baeza has both a bachelor's degree in architectural design and a master's degree of renovation of historical buildings.He is the company's director and partner of HBA. Baeza is responsible for the conceptual design, selection and segmentation of the finished product, the management of construction project management, and the installation of design documents in the final scene. One advantage of Miguel is the ability of communications with owners, architects and consultants to ensure the accuracy and integrity of each project. He participated in many world famous projects, including the notable hotel resorts, high-end commercial hotels, luxury club and so on. Another advantage of Miguel is fully responsible for the overall project development.

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