Lek Mathar Bunnag



Bunnag Architecte International Consultants創始人

The world's top hotel resort building master

a respected Thailand national treasure design master

The founder of Bunnag Architecte International Consultants

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Lek Mathar Bunnag是一位领先的泰国建筑师,专注于酒店和度假住宅设计。他精美绝伦的作品的动机不但源于加强和维护文化遗产和当地环境,还致力于体现美感和当代设计舒适感。Bunnag建筑师国际顾问所自1990在泰国和世界各地成立以来已经得到了广泛的认可和嘉奖。Lek Bunnag已被亲自授予国家艺术家奖,他的泰国建筑今年被选为代表泰国在著名的意大利威尼斯双年展(2014)出展。
Lek Mathar Bunnag is a leading Thai architect specialising in hotel and resort residential design. His intricate works are motivated by the desire to enhance and safeguard cultural heritage and local environment, yet embrace the beauty and comfort of contemporary design. He works in Thailand and around the world under Bunnag Architects International Consultants, a practice he established in 1990 that has received extensive recognition and awards. Lek Bunnag has personally been awarded the National Artists Award Thailand for architecture and this year was selected to represent Thailand and exhibit at the prestigious Venice Biennale 2014 in Italy.

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