徐敏聪 Xu Mincong


The Partner of Australia HASSELL Design

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Xu Mincong, a partner of Australia HASSELL design, and has more than twenty years working experience in interior design in China and Hongkong. Mr. Xu has been involved in many project, including commercial and office building in Hongkong, England, China, Indonesia, Yangon and South Korea.  Mr. Xu has won ten outstanding designer of Hongkong and China ten hotel designer. His design always fully implement Hassell "collaboration" spirit from multiple perspectives to examine and develop the potential of project by planning, architecture, landscape and interior design. He believes that design is not just a combination of visual elements. It should be based on the concept that transfer and respond to the market and the psychological demands of individual mind. That also the reason why he completed the design degree courses to further study in a  master degree of psychology.He is also the professional member of Hongkong Designers Association, the rotating president of IEED (International Ecological Environment Design), guest lecturer of Tsinghua University and the University of Hong Kong and the Politecn Milan, who is strongly promoting the design education and the concept of sustainable development in the industry. Mr. Xu won numerous awards, including Australian designers association Award, American Hotel Interior Design Magazine Design Award, Hongkong Asia Pacific Designers Association Awards, FX International Interior Design Award etc.. 

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