Louis Clair 路易·克萊爾

Light Cibles創始人

The founder of Light Cibles

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   克萊爾於1983年在法國巴黎創辦了Light Cibles公司。這是第壹家獨立的專業照明工程及設計顧問公司。從那時起,克萊爾迅速成為國內照明設計領域首屈壹指的照明專家之壹。由於熟知電影藝術中對光與影的控制技巧,克萊爾的照明設計,無論是室內照明設計還是室外照明設計,都能尊崇建築本身的特性,並突出被照明物的象征意義。
Louis Claire spent his childhood and youth in the film world, as a child, he determined to make his occupation close to industry. Through the study and further education of technical engineering, he eventually became a technical and commercial engineer in the industrial field.
In 1968, he returned to the film industry, and be appointed as a technology director of "Victorian" film studio in French Nice . Then, he set up the stage lighting and holiday lighting sector, and began to provide lighting service for local government.
 In 1974, he set up a distribution company that specializes in building lighting and low pressure halogen lamps, which can be used in indoor lighting and create a dramatic and fantastic atmosphere.
In 1978, he set up a branch of a giant German interior lighting production company in France, and began to focus on the development of the French local architectural lighting business.
In the field of lighting, Claire, as a marketing consultant,promoted lighting products Italy and Germany in Europe. In the meanwhile, he continued to develop and deepen skills as an independent professional lighting designer's work in France.
Claire founded Light Ciblesm in 1983, the first independent professional lighting engineering and design consulting firm in Paris France. Since then, Claire quickly became the first domestic matchless lighting design lighting expert. Due to know light and shadow control techniques of film art, his interior lighting design or outdoor lighting design always respect the characteristics of architecture itself, and highlight symbolic meaning of the illuminated object.
In 1990, his lighting design has been recognized in Southeast Asia.
In 1998, it developed to North America and Canada.

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