張智強 ZhangZhiqiang

EDGE 設計有限公司創辦人及執行董事


Founder & Executive Director of EDGE Design Institute Ltd.

Professor of Department of architecture, University of Hong Kong

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 張智強,1987年畢業于香港大學建築系,1994年創辦自己的公司Edge Design Institute Ltd.。 他的建築及室內設計作品自求學時代(85年)起一直不斷獲得多個國際、亞太區及香港的獎項。

    他的設計哲學一如鑽石般強調4C,但卻是 Choice,Change,Co-existing和Connection。 創作風格在簡潔中見靈活變化的心思,在有限中創造無限,尋找變化的可能性,大概可以形容Gary的設計風格。 在他眼中最理想的人與空間的關係,不是去控制空間,而是把空間無限展開。 一個好的建築和室內設計應該是令人很放鬆和自在的,可以提供很多改變和選擇,呼應著居住者每一天的心情。

入選Taschen《40 Architects Under 40》世界當代建築師之一

Zhang Zhiqiang, graduated from the Architecture Department of University of Hong Kong in 1987. In 1994, he founded his own company Edge Design Institute Ltd.. His architectural and interior design works from his schooldays( from 1985) has been gaining many awards from Asia Pacific region, Hongkong and all over the world. His design philosophy emphases on 4C, which are Choice, Change, Co-existing and Connection. You can see the creation style flexible thoughts in simple ways, limited spaces created in unlimited ideas, looking for all the possibilities of changing, which it can be described the design style of Gary. The the most ideal relationship between man and spaces in his eyes is not to control it, but to make it infinite expansion. A good architecture and interior design should be very relaxed and comfortable, it can  provide a lot of changes and choices, echoing habitant’s mood.
The first Hongkong  architects who was invited to participate in the Italy Venice International Biennial Exhibition(2000 and 2002). 
He was one of Taschen <40 Architects Under 40>  Contemporary Architects in the world.

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