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The partner of the tonychi studio

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約翰尼·馬仕自1999年開始在季裕棠設計師事務所工作,並一直在許多重要專案中擔任重要的角色。 他擁有卓越的建築設計、檔處理和溝通能力,能結合不同學科的知識説明處理工作。 與別不同的約翰尼·馬仕身兼多職,能同時處理餐旅業經營、製造和施工工作。 他不僅能在工作室編排設計工作,同時也可走出辦公室處理其他事務。 約翰尼致力於研究藝術表現形式,設計對他來說不僅是一項鍛煉和釋放個人藝術熱誠的創造方法,對於有機會與了不起的合作夥伴共同參與獨特的設計專案,他認為這才是一項體驗與塑造生活模式的快樂。
Johnny Marsh has been with the tonychi studio since 1999,during which he has been instrumental in many significant projects. As an interior designer with strong architectural skills, as well as a keen sense of function, hospitably operation and construction, he is able to bridge many different disciplines and dynamics within and out of the office.
Johnny focus on the study of art forms, design for him is not only an exercise or a dedicated creation method to release his personal art, but the unique opportunity to involved in the project design with great partners which he believes that is the unforgivable experience of life and the source of happiness.

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