ManChun Chan

Pierre Yves Rochon設計公司副總裁

Vice president of Pierre Yves Rochon

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陳文津女士有超過15年的在國內和國際市場上大範圍的酒店專案的綜合室內設計經驗。 陳女士,與PYR的專案團隊合作,領導PYR的中國專案的日常工作活動。 在此職位上,她保持與業主和業主代表的溝通,獲得對該專案總體設想的充分瞭解,並反過來,傳達這一設想給PYR的專案團隊。 陳女士還協助PYR的業務發展和行銷隊伍在整個中國的努力。 在此職責上,她是PYR面向中國客戶的「門面」,闡明PYR的整體實踐,設計策略和方法。 在加入PYR之前,陳女士擔任芝加哥帕金斯+威爾,PYR的母公司,的專案建築師,在那裡她曾參與大型和綜合專案的設計。
Ms. ManChun Chan,has more than 15 years comprehensive interior design experience of the hotel project in a wide range of domestic and international market.Ms. Chen, worked with PYR, leading the Chinese daily work activities and project of PYR. In this position,she always remained communication with the owner and the representatives of owner, getting full understanding of the project overall plan. In turn, she conveyed the idea to the PYR project team. Ms. Chen also assisting PYR team of business development and marketing in the China. On this duty, she is  PYR’s ‘ Facade’ for Chinese customers clarifying PYR’s whole practice and design strategies. Before joining PYR, Ms. Chen served as the project architect design of Chicago Perkins + Will which was PYR's parent company.

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