伍仲匡 Ed Ng


AB Concept 創始人


Famous hotel design master


Vice Chairman of Asia-Pacific Hotel Design Association

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畢業於香港理工大學,伍仲匡已在國際知名酒店、頂級住宅、及一流的餐飲及商用空間的室內設計領域深耕25年。 他的作品靈感來源於當地文化習俗與自然美學,運用現代的詮釋方式演繹傳統與傳承。他的作品多大膽運用色彩與結構,抑或采用新舊配搭的格調。 伍仲匡畢廣泛活躍於多個國際設計論壇,並積極支持本地青年設計師的事業發展。伍仲匡亦是英國特許設計師協會資深會員與APHDA (亞太地區酒店設計協會) 的副會長,其熱心參與清華大學的校園企業合作項目,致力於發掘及培養未來設計人才。伍仲匡同時也是Hotelsmag.com的固定專欄作者。
Ed Ng, graduated of Hong Kong Polytechnic Universityis, Co-founder and Principal of Hong Kong's award-winning design studio, AB Concept. With 25 years specializing in luxury hospitality, residential and commercial interior design. His works are inspired by the local cultural customs and natural aesthetics. He is adept in using modern way to elaborate the traditional heritage. His works alway has an audacious using of colors and structure or the combination of classical and old style. Ed is an  active participant in vanious intemational design forums, as well as a strong advocate for young local designers.He is also a fellowship member of the Chartered Society of Designers in the United Kingdom, and an honoured member of the APHDA to support efforts at Tsinghua Vniversity to develop leading design talents in China. Ed is also a syndicated columnist at Hotelsmag.com.

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