凌宗涌 Tsung Yung Lin

台湾CN Flower西恩花藝設計總監

Design Director of CN Flower

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一直以来分享他在亚洲地区创作与生活体验下产生的观点,独特的美学思维使他被誉为东方新花艺美学大师,作品见于杭州富春山居、杭州安缦法云、W Hotel Taipei、Park Hyatt、Puli Hotel与北京颐和安缦等知名国际酒店,现为CN Flower西恩花艺设计总监,打造从美学出发的国际花艺设计团队,并带领团队不断在专业层次及美学素养上寻求进步,探索花艺表现的各种可能。近年亦担任CN Flower「跟着花开去旅行」花艺导师,引导人们在旅行中探索不同地域的人文及花艺,走访足迹遍及世界各地。
Born in 1973, Tsung Yung Lin is well known for his Hangzhou Fuchun Resort Floriculture and has won the Spatial Actor of the Year Award - BestSpatial Floral Art Design, Taiwan Furnishing Art Elite Award, Taiwan Interior Design Award - space decoration art TID Award 
From the first day of floral work, he saw floriculture as a participant in human’s life, which is not only a visual sense, but a touching moment. Lin ‘s inspiration is always drawn from observation of the environment to find natural texture in every inch of the landscape, and express it and show the essence of natural beauty. His work reveals freshness, elegant, vitality, and minimalist. In the process of floral creation, there is a stage to make every petal and every branch to talk, yet still being compatible with the space to fit the harmonization and complement each other. When the visiting eyes circulate around the floral display, one can be encouraged in the interaction with the space.
  Lin’s ideas come from his experience in Asia, his unique aesthetic thinking crowned him as the Oriental floral master of aesthetics. He designed for Hangzhou Fuchun Resort and Aman Hangzhou, W Hotel Taipei, Park Hyatt, Puli Hotel, Aman at Summer Palace Beijing ad some other international noted hotels. Lin is now the director of floral design of CN Flower Sean, refining an international floral design team from the perspective of aesthetics, and leading them to persistently seek progress in both professional level and aesthetic quality, to explore various possibilities that floral performance has to offer. In recent years, he also worked as a floral mentor of CN Flower in "flowers to travel" to guide people around the world to explore the humanity and floriculture in different regions. 

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