林偉而 Lin Weier


The managing director of CL3.

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林偉而先生畢業于美國康內爾大學建築系,碩士學位。 先于美國波士頓工作五年,1987年回港為一間香港地產發展商工作了六年。 1993年正式成為香港思聯建築設計有限公司的董事總經理。 在北京及上海擁有分支機搆,分別從事建築設計、室內設計及專案管理等工作。
Mr. Lin Wei graduated from Cornell University of the United States Department of architecture, master degree. He worked in Boston United States for five years, then returning to Hong Kong in 1987 as a Hongkong real estate developer working for six years. In 1993, he officially became the managing director of CL3. It has branches in Beijing and Shanghai, engaged in architectural design interior design and project management etc. 

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