Baet Yeok Hoon


The director & design director of SCDA

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Baet Yeok Hoon先生擁有18年建築設計經驗,他1944年畢業於新加坡國立大學並於1997年取得倫敦UCL建築設計文憑
Baet於2013年加入SCDA並擔任上海辦公室設計總監。除了致力於商業方面以及上海辦公室的發展, 他投入了大量精力在中國的設計項目中。他與新加坡團隊密切合作,設計了眾多奢華酒店以及住宅專案,地區遍及廣州、麗江、南京、三亞、上海、深圳、蘇州以及臺北。
Baet Yeok Hoon has over 18 years of architectural working experience; he graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1994 and attained his Architectural Diploma from Bartlett, University College London in 1997.
Upon graduation, he joined the Chinese University of Hong Kong as a teaching assistant for a year before returning to Singapore, where he developed his concept design skills over a number of award winning residential developments and hospitality projects in South East Asia.
Baet relocated to Shanghai in 2004. While working for a renowned international practice, he was responsible for the design development and delivery of several significant high rise mixed-use developments and R&D facilities of the highest design quality and technical specifications, with total construction cost amounting to approximately15billion RMB over a period of 8 years. Through extensive involvement with design and delivery of Chinese projects, he has gained much insight with the construction industry and property market in China.
Baet joined SCDA in 2013 as Director of Shanghai office.  Besides focusing on commercial aspects and growth of Shanghai studio, he has also devoted much of his attention to the design of projects in China.  He has been working very closely with project teams in Singapore to develop schemes for luxury hotels and apartment projects across Guangzhou, Lijiang, Nanjing, Sanya, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou and Taipei.

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