郝玉鴻 Hao Yuhong



GM-Hung Kuo Group Fu Chuan Development Co., LTD.

Chief T.S. Officer-Cesar Park Hotels & Resorts.

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台灣 宏國集團 富全開發 總經理 兼 凱撒酒店集團 技術服務總經理
Hao Yuhong, General managerof Taiwan Hong Guo Group, Technical service manager of Caesar Hotel Group, who with architecture and urban design background. He was professional in hotel planning and design which specialized in the high-end hotel design, planning and management experience for over 20 years. He has an experience of more than 200 projects role in ‘Execution, Participation, Guidance, Supervision and Management’ in high-end hotel design, planning and project management operation project across Greater China and overseas. His master's thesis on theme ‘Hotel Design Method’ has been selected for the permanent collection  by GMU academic library during his study in Belgium Leuven University, . 

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