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Founding Director of D’art (Design & Art Director and Chief Artist)

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香港D' art 设计公司创始董事。D' art 一直致力于提供多媒体功能艺术品开发服务,并为越来越多的酒店、公司、豪华房地产开发项目和公共空间等国际客户开发艺术作品及提供艺术顾问服务。在过去的二十年里,  D’art ,以协调内外部空间为每一个跨越古今中西的项目提供超凡的艺术理念和方案,不断的创造创新不朽的杰作而赢得了业内巨大的认可和声誉。
Helen Poon, founding director of D’art (Design & Art Director and Chief Artist) ,.The company specialised in providing distinctive multimedia feature artworks and art consultant services to a growing list of international clients, ranging from hospitality, corporate, luxury real estate development and public space projects. Over the past two decades, D’art has achieved a reputation for creating innovative and timeless works that accentuates as well as harmonizes exterior & interior spaces. We continue to provide distinctive art concepts and programs for every project with collections that span across classical and contemporary, Asian and Western art.   

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