Karen Hay

迪拜Stickman Tribe創始人之一

Co-founder of the international design group Stickman Tribe

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Karen Hay,国际设计集团斯蒂克曼(Stickman Tribe)的创始人之一。该公司是由凯伦•海与其商业合作伙伴马可仕•该隐(Marcos Cain)于2009年初在迪拜成立。斯蒂克曼专门为酒店、度假村、餐厅,酒吧和水疗中心做室内设计及品牌推广。凯伦•海作为精品风格的室内设计顾问,一直从事于酒店及娱乐产业,并被苏格兰国际发展署誉为“Global Scot”。
Karen Hay is the co-founder of the international design group Stickman Tribe, established in Dubai in early 2009 with business partner Marcos Cain, as a boutique style interior design consultancy dedicated to the hospitality & leisure industry. Stickman specializes in Interior Design and brand development for hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars and spas.  Karen Hay,as the boutique style interior design consultant , she has also recently been honoured as a ‘Global Scot’ by the Scottish Development International.

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