Paul Matthew Wiste


The Vice President of Development Design Asia Pacific for Jumeirah Group

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 Paul Matthew Wiste卓美亞集團亞太區開發設計部副總裁,就職于卓美亞新加坡辦公室,此前就職于卓美亞迪拜,負責亞太投資組合。1996年,Paul首次參與亞太區工作;1998年在倫敦的桑德森酒店項目中,首次接觸酒店設計。

Paul Matthew Wiste is the Vice President of Development – Design: Asia Pacific for Jumeirah Group. Based in the Jumeirah’s Singapore office, Paul previously worked for Jumeirah in Dubai with a focus on the Asia Pacific portfolio. Paul was first professionally employed in the Asia Pacific region in 1996; and had his introduction to hotel design on the Sanderson Hotel project in London in 1998.

    加入卓美亞之前,PaulGAJ(Godwin Austen Johnson)的建築工作經歷遍佈全球 ,包括馬來西亞、韓國、英國、波蘭、巴西,阿聯酋。Paul畢業于曼尼托巴大學,獲得環境設計(建築)學士學位和建築學碩士學位,在校期間,他還留學韓國首爾京畿大學和巴西邁肯茲大學。Paul是英國建築師註冊委員會的註冊建築師,也是英國皇家建築師協會成員。他具有加拿大英國雙重國籍,現在正在學習中國普通話。

Prior to joining Jumeirah, Paul gained global experience working in Architectural practices in Malaysia, Korea, England, Poland, Brazil, and finally the UAE with Godwin Austen Johnson. He achieved a Bachelor of Environmental Design (Arch) and Master of Architecture degree from the University of Manitoba; during which he studied at Kyonggi University in Seoul, Korea and Mackenzie University in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is a professionally registered Architect in the United Kingdom through the Architects Registration Board (ARB) and is also a professional member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). Paul has dual Canadian / British citizenship, and is currently embarking on Mandarin Chinese study.


Paul has presented keynote speeches and participated in panel discussions at various Hospitality and Architecture conferences within the Asia Pacific region. He is active in researching future trends and theory in design, drawing upon the professional experience he has accumulated across the globe. A true citizen of the world, his passion for design and the built environment is constantly being applied to the Asia Pacific portfolio of projects he leads。

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