Jonathan Aeberhard

吉隆玻 G.A 品牌設計部總經理

The general manager of G.A

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2 0 1 3年回歸G A集團公司,負責全球業務拓展和分散投資。作為戰略計畫的一部分,成立了新加坡和吉隆玻品牌諮詢分公司( G . A 品牌設計公司 )。專注於G . A集團的客戶,聯合同類公司為各類專案提供全方位的品牌設計。這樣的品牌宗旨結合我們久經考驗的室內建 築設計技能,使得G.A的提案獨一無二。
代表作品 :東京康萊德、馬拉喀什四季酒店、大阪瑞吉酒店、台北W酒店。
He is ardently love of innovation with an unique perspective to observe the world, to explore uncovered problems. He graduated from Oxford in learning English language and literature. He works as the general manager in the world's largest advertising Network Inc for 10 years which the projects involved in Europe and Asia.
He was back to GA in 2013 and responsible for the global business expansion and diversification. As a part of the strategic plan, he established  Singapore and Kuala Lumpur brand consulting branches (G. A brand design ). He focus on G. A customers to provide an all-wave brand design for all kinds of projects together with similar companies. This brand aim with interior design skills made G.A matchless.
Representative works: Conrad Tokyo, Marrakech Four Seasons Hotels, Osaka Rigi Hostellerie, Taipei W hotel.

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